frequently asked questions on JIBU

Which type of mobile operating system is compatible with the application? A Smart phone (Android phone or IOS)

Besides a smart phone, can I log into the JIBU platform using another device? Yes, you can log in using your PC or tablet using the URL

How can I change my individual password? ecampus To change your password log in to your account using the URL Ã in your web browser click on the avatar with your profile picture. Click on preferences and then click on user account change password.

I have forgotten my password what do I do? To get a new password log in to your account using the URL https://Ã in your web browser. Click on âforgotten your username and passwordâ link and submit your username and email address. Or call AMREF Help desk (0800-720-270 itâs free).

I canât log into my account. What might be the problem? If you are unable to login into your account, first check if you are connected to internet and refresh your browser. If you are using the JIBU application and are connected to the internet, but are still unable to log in, check if you have written your credentials correctly. If so and it still isnât working, reinstall the JIBU App in your device by downloading it in the App store. If all of the above doesnât work kindly contact the Amref call center on 0800720270.

Itâs taking a long time to download This is likely due to low internet connectively. If possible, find a location with stronger internet.

What happens when my phone is hanging or I keep getting a SCORM error, is it my phone that has the issue or the application? Your phone likely doesnât have space to download the App. First, free-up space in your phone by following the procedure below: Go to SETTINGS â STORAGE SETTINGS â INTERNAL STORAGE â CACHE DATA you will get a prompt to clear all cache data click OK then try accessing the application again. If the issue persists follow the same procedure but instead of Cache data delete Images and/or Others. If that doesnât work, delete call logs, SMS and/or photos and then reinstall the App from the App Store. Call HELP Desk.

Do not delete application before things are synchronized. This only applies for the users who are accessing the content off-line. During off-line use there is need for synchronization this would happen whenever the learner is able to access good/great network coverage to go on-line and synchronize all their work so that the e-Tutors may be able to see what they have done/submitted. This synchronization is preferably done once a week and deleting the app before synchronization would lead to loss of the learners work. (See attached files on how to use the app off-line and how to synchronize).

Must I do the pre-test before accessing onto the actual module? Yes, you must do the pre-test before starting the course. A pre-test is used to test a studentâs knowledge before starting a new course to find out more about what students may need more instruction on and what they may already know. Pre-tests also help with monitoring and evaluation.

Once I have completed the first module, why is the second module not opening automatically? All Modules are not currently available. You will be instructed by the course instructor when you are able to access each of the remaining Modules.

Can I log out of the JIBU mobile App? Yes; however, it is not necessary to save data. The application will not consume your internet bundles if it is not in use and the notifications in your device settings are off.