What you need to know


Can I access a course without having an account?
Access to the platform is granted to 2 types of users;
An authenticated user- This is a user with an account on the platform.
A guest user- This is a user who does not have an account in the system. This kind of a user will only access open courses but will not be able to track their outcome nor maintain a profile

Where can I create my account and what do I require?
To create an account on the platform, follow the steps below;
Click on login >> Scroll down the bottom of the login form >>click Create new account
You require a username without a capital letter, an email address unique to the system, your country and gender field.

I dont rember my password and my username. Can I still recover my account?
On the login form is a link "Forgotten your username or password?"
Click on the link >> enter your email address >>click reset and check your email for a reset link
Remember to check on your Spam box in the event you can not see your email on your main inbox

  Dashboard and Enrollment

I can not see any Course on my dashboard ?
This is because you have an account but you have not enrolled to any course.
To enroll to a course;.
Click on the link >> All courses>>select the course category >> type the course name on the text box "search" then press enter >> Click enroll >>once the course appears
Please note that this will only work for courses that are open to general access. Other courses will require an enrollment key or course admin manual enrollment (a notification will inform you of what is required)

What does the circle graph indicate?
This is a progress meter indicating your overal learning progress in percentage.
Can I change my prefered language?
Yes you can change to either French, or English.

 Course Interaction and Grades

How do I open the course?
Click on the coursename from your dashboard and you will open the course sections. Click on any of the desired one to start.

What do the Tickboxes indicate?.
These boxes will indicate a tick once the activity alongside is completed as per the administrator completion requirements.

Why does my quize indicate incomplete yet I attempted it? .
Quizes have a minimum score required so as to be considered complete. Ensure you have achieved the minimum required score on each

Why cant I access the certificate?
The Certificate is restricted to completion of specific activities within the course. Read the conditions below it and ensure each one is met

I have downloaded the certificate but I cant open it. What could be the problem?
This is because you need a PDF viewing software. A good example of such is Adobe PDF viewer/Acrobat/Microsoft edge

Where can I view my grades?
On the top right of your page is a user Icon, click on it and select grades from the download that appears.

 My Profile

Is it posible to update my profile details?
Yes-To update your profile, click on the user icon on the top right of the screen >>click "profile" from the dropdown >> select "Edit" and enter your required details.

 Offline access

What if my internet connectivity is not reliable? Can I access the content offline?
Yes- This is enabled through the use of a mobile application named JIBU for android or JIBU for IOS.

What do I type as LMS URL on the app?
Type in https://ecampus.amref.org as the LMS URL the enter your usual Username and Password.