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This course has been prepared by the Amref human resources department and will introduce new onjoiners to the Amref local and international network, our culture, activities, processes, platforms and systems.

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This COVID-19 training course for Health Care Professionals has been developed by Amref Health Africa. The course is competence-based and is intended to equip the health care professionals in Sub Saharan Africa with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The course is designed to be self-guided and is estimated to take approximately 40 study hours within a duration of 1 month

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This training is a revised version of what was developed by the Kenya Ministry of Health in Partnership with Amref Health Africa in May 2020. The aim is to equip health care workers with knowledge on case identification and management of COVID-19. Happy learning.

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The Youth in Action Advocacy Training is the first of its kind in Kenya. The training primarily provides learners with the skills to conduct strategic advocacy geared towards achieving desired policy advocacy objectives efficiently and effectively. The curriculum focuses on advocacy planning processes with an emphasis on key steps in advocacy strategy development.

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